Want to feel empowered? Want to discover more about yourself, where you're heading and what you can achieve?

Then, this course is for YOU!

When you finish this course, you will feel empowered, brimming with confidence and excited to take your next steps. As one of our recent participants said “If you’re thinking about taking the Me-Learning Programme, take it. If you’re not thinking about taking it, then take it anyway.”

Course Overview

What to expect from our ME Learning Programme.

How to be Successful with this Programme

Success is not rushing through and completing the course, but rather planning a steady pace. Perhaps your life is busy and you can only study one unit a week, and that’s okay, but commit to that.  Plan your study time, tell your friends/family you cannot do anything at that time.   

As you are not physically coming to our workshops, it is important you find a quiet place that suits you, that you feel comfortable with and is somewhere which relaxes you.  If you’re reading this and thinking ‘there’s nowhere in this house like that’, then perhaps a park, a library or a coffee shop. This place should be where you can have time alone to think about YOU.  

Not about what you need to do, your work, the shopping, the kids, the housework, or the myriad of other responsibilities you may have. Put away all distractions and say, ‘this is my time’ and ‘I give myself permission to have it.’ Then, stick to it! 

We called this programme the ‘Me-Learning’ Programme for a reason.   This is your life and you only get one, so this programme is all about you, and you are definitely worth it.

How to begin your route to finding where you want to be:

Before beginning the programme, go through the Pre-Course Information. This includes:

  • A video on navigating the site.

  • A Pre-course Questionnaire

  • Signing up for the Forum

  • A video on Completing your Me-Learning Chart

  • Your Downloadable Me-Learning Chart

Once you have done this, you are ready to begin.

For each unit, you should:

  1. Read the unit introduction.  You will find this under the video section.
  2. Download the unit workbook.  (If you are not printing the workbook, you will need a notebook to do the activities.)
  3. Watch the video introducing the unit.
  4. Work through activities and exercises, (some of the units have extra activities to help you along)
  5. Always do the reflections at the end of the unit to think about what you have learnt.
  6. Access forum to speak with other participants,
  7. Do the end unit questions.


Each unit is a stage to get you to the next, so it is important you do not jump forwards. Rather, take a steady pace and give yourself time to acknowledge and accept your learnings. 


  • Is this programme for me?

    This programme is for any individual who wants to understand better their direction in life, what they want to do and how they are going to get there.

  • What do I need to take this programme?

    Everything you need is provided. If you are not printing the workbook, you will need a notebook and pen.

  • 3. What software do I need to take this programme?

    You will need either a laptop or a smart device that allows you to play video clips, link to the internet and download materials.

  • How do I sign up for this programme?

    If you have found us via Thinkific, please see our webpage for more information: https://www.theequalitypractice.co.uk/melearning You can then enrol through the link either on this page or via our website.

  • How do I download and fill in the chart?

    Please check out the video in the ‘Pre-Course Information’ Section

  • How do I refer a friend?

    That would be great. Please see our webpage https://www.theequalitypractice.co.uk/melearning or give them the Thinkific site link

  • How long does this programme take?

    We suggest a maximum of three months.

  • What does this programme cost?

    For those of limited income, it is free on this website. For those able to pay, we ask you donate. This donation will be used to maintain the platform, website and support women taking this programme. Here is the link for donation: https://www.theequalitypractice.co.uk/melearning Please see the donate button at the top right-hand side of the page.

  • Can I do this programme without signing up to the forum?

    Yes, you can, but we recommend you give the forum a try. You will meet friends and create a network. Aslo your ideas may help other women to achieve.